Being inspired doesn't end when the camera is put away and the job is done. The camera is merely a medium that allows us to capture a splice of time and the story it holds in the best way that we know how. We realized that to become proficent at this art, it requires seeing the day to day events going on in our lives as though we are looking through our camera and trying to make a captivating photo. So in becoming better story tellers and photographers, we draw upon inspiration from our daily life.

In the coming revamped blog, we hope to share more of life, our thoughts on things encountered in that journey that shape our vision and fuel our desire to tell those stories. In the end, our life will inspire our work and our interaction with people in love during the happiest time of their life will both inspire our art and enrich our life.

We invite you to click through to view the blog, where we continually try to live an inspired life and document it as such. —DH

DavidHam | Inspired Life