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Coming soon...simplified and modern album proofing and ordering done the David Ham way.

The Next Steps

The next steps is what we call our series of guides that help our couples know what to expect next. After being hired to document your day, we have three guides that simplifies each step of the DH process. We take the knowledge we gain at the end of each wedding season to add to, revise and update the guides so it stay relevent and fresh. Let's recap the DavidHam 3steps.

The Engagement Guide

This initial guide get's sent out after you retain us for your wedding. It details on what to expect during your complementary engagement session and how we like to work. It contain little tidbits of knowledge such as when is the best time for a photoshoot. Tips on how to make the session your own. But it dilutes down to having fun. Celebrating your engagement and getting some cool photos in the process. It's so fun and it cements our relationship before the big day. It also contain little things like how to book an engagement session. Our guides are easy, quick reads with concise knowledge that will get even the most indifferent of groom interested in the process. Well, not sure about that last one...but it's a quick read so that it won't bore him to death.

The Wedding Guide

The second guide gets sent out about the same time we receive the remaining balance of your account. So about 30days prior, it simply detail some things to keep in mind to help the day go much smoother from a photographic point of view. Family formals are so important, but it can be the most chaotic part of the day as we try to get everyone's portrait taken. The allure of the cocktail hour and the subsequent party to follow is often stronger than the desire to get in front of our camera. We understand, so we have tips on how to make this part of the day go as successfully as possible.

The Album Guide

So the dress has been worn, the cake has been eaten and the rug on the dance floor has been cut. Your album will have evidence of all that and the guide will help explain the process in more detail. We know this final piece of the puzzle is the tangible element to our job so we take a lot of care and pride in selecting our vendor and working to get your album just perfect. Believe me, we have been accused of caring too much about this step. It's fine by me as it's an extension of our art and something that is everlasting. So I want it to be perfect.

Unfortunately, the DavidHam 3steps will not help you cut the rug on the dance floor. However, we hope you'd come to see that it's a combination of all the little things that makes the DavidHam experience different than just another wedding photographer. I like to think that it's like our couple's love for one another. It's never about one thing...but it's about all the little things that makes it the right fit. Our hope is that our art, our vision and our personality is a good fit for you as your sincere love for one another and the importance of having that love documented is for us. We'd love for you to hit the contact form below and let us get to know your story.

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